Robyn Green


Robyn brings a fresh, creative and passionate approach to her work that benefits Kai’s uniqueness in the event planning marketplace. After she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from the University of Victoria, she traveled much of the world, exposing her to diverse cultures and expanding her creative and imaginative approach to her professional career.

Robyn began her career as a certified Human Resources practitioner for several large organizations where she built lasting relationships with many public and private sector clients and colleagues, while developing the discipline and attention to detail that are important in managing projects and events.

While working in the HR field, Robyn was able to pacify her passion for event planning by gaining experience in the management of such large scale events as company golf tournaments, partner retreats, award-winning fundraising campaigns and Christmas Balls.

This unique combination of a creative background in visual arts, corporate experience, exposure to different countries and cultures and a huge love of fashion has given Robyn a talent for bringing people together in a social environment and successfully executing imaginative and well-structured events.