The Great White North, eh?

In the absence of a “Hoser Hut” to visit for Canada Day, we’ve come up with a few suggestions to help you celebrate – rain or shine:

Should you wake up on July 1st, look up in the sky and see a foreign object that is bright and yellow (aka the Sun), get yourself to a beach asap.  Call all your friends and get a game of Lacrosse going! After all, it IS our country’s national sport.  Once you’ve worked up a sweat and your appetite, grab one of these “Canada Day Ice Cream Sandwiches” from the cooler and wash it down with a cold glass of Cava Sangria.

In the absence of this yellow object we call a “sun”, gather some friends at home and partake in another classic Canadian game – Trivial Pursuit.

To help you out with some of the questions, here is a clip from Bob & Doug Mckenzie’s show entitled “Great White North”, chock full of useful geographical information:

Great White North

We never knew there was a province named “R”!  You learn something new every day.