Let’s Get Personal.

Instead of focusing on event colour palettes or lighting options, I thought that I would do something a little different with this particular blog post.   Usually written in third person, these posts tend to highlight tips and tricks of the event world – no surprise there.

But what we (or “I”, I should say) would like to delve into is something that hit me like a lightning bolt sometime around Christmas.  As many of you entrepreneurs can attest to, operating a business is tough and stressful work.  It can end up being all-consuming without you even stopping to realize it.

I started this company about 3 years ago and ever since our website went live, I hit the ground running.  And didn’t stop until one day this past December.  It suddenly occurred to me that while I am proud of the direction Kai has taken, somewhere along the way, other hobbies and activities that I was once passionate about had fallen off the way-side.

Determined to make big changes for 2012, I sat down, glass of wine in hand, and made a list of everything that I wished I had more time to do, things that, in the big scheme of life, were more important to me than attending every networking event or sending out tweets every minute of every day.

Before I started my company, I loved being a part of sports teams, going for long runs along the water and generally getting a good sweat on regularly.  As this was at the top of my list, I vowed to create time in my days to do just that.

In January, I (God knows why!) put together a team for Tough Mudder and started the painful training right after.  I began to realize that if I scheduled time for a workout into my day planner as I do other for other meetings and events, I would most likely follow through.

Now, as we’re nearing June, working out and eating healthy has regained its place in my life.

I am a huge fan of taking the time to write out your life and business goals and vision.  But don’t forget to also take note of the things that make you smile.   After all, you may regret skipping a conference but you’ll never regret spending quality time with your friends or making use of that cute Lululemon workout tank!