Icy Cold.

The temperatures are slowly (very slowly!) rising and it has us dreaming of icy cold cocktails, rooftop patios and the beach.  While performing our daily ritual of perusing through various other blogs and magazines for event inspiration, we realized that there seems to be a sudden interest in not the cocktails themselves but the ice that’s keeping them cold.

Next to these new ideas, the faithful old “ice cube tray” looks like a relic from the Mad Men set.

We love the idea of incorporating your events colour scheme into the cubes themselves or veering away from water as the main ingredient – freezing beautiful edible flowers is one way of enhancing your guest’s cocktails while freezing coca cola into cubes to serve with rum is simple yet so tasty.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed the trend of creating a bar-type tablescape for candy, cupcakes and even sundaes.  A new favourite of ours is a “Snowcone” bar.  Guests are encouraged to add flavoured syrup or liquor such as Godiva’s White Chocolate version to create a tasty alternative to the usual cocktail served in a glass.

And as we’re on the topic of ice, we would be hard-pressed to miss this opportunity to chat about the local and incredibly unique On the Rocks ice company run by Vancouver’s own “Ice Princesses”.

Serving up the “coolest ice for special events, hospitality and retail”, On the Rocks ice products are a sure-fire way to kick your cocktails up a notch.  Besides the clean and clear packaged ice that can be purchased at several locations including Whole Foods, we especially love their 2” Ice Spheres.  Throw one of these puppies into a custom crafted libation and we guarantee they will be a topic of conversation with your guests.







To up the “Wow” factor at a larger event, On the Rocks can also create unique ice designs and sculptures such as bars, furniture and even chandeliers!  Yes, you heard us right.  Chandeliers!  Amazing, right?







If you’re in the midst of planning your own summer soiree, give these ladies a call.  Who knew ice could be so much fun!