Let’s Get This Party Started Already!

Though the sun hasn’t quite made up its mind if it’s coming or going, May 1st is only a few days away and we are officially allowed to start organizing our patio parties and summer soirees.  That’s right, you pesky clouds and confetti rain showers – we are trading in our mugs of hot chocolate for pitchers of sangria and there is nothing you can do about it.

When planning our own sunny shindigs, here are a few things we like to incorporate to ensure our guests have a good time:

  • * Coming up with a fun theme or colour scheme.  From flowers to desserts, we love being creative and when you have a bit of a guideline to follow, it makes it easier to focus your ideas and ensure everything ties together nicely.

  • * Create custom music play lists to match the theme or type of party we are planning.

  • * Always introducing at least one unusual or unique aspect into the event.  Whether it’s a signature cocktail, colourful piñata cookies (see recipe HERE), or an Oreo Cookie Cake, we guarantee that the next day, your guests will be sitting by the phone, waiting for an invite to your next party!

Now off you go, you “Hostess (or Host!) with the Mostess”!  It’s never too early to start taste-testing that new libation idea or cookie recipe!