Hey, it’s okay….

You may recognize this idea from Glamour Magazine’s monthly version and we admit, we may have recycled the structure of it in a previous post.   We just like it too much!

After doing a quick flip through of the magazine’s pages, we tend to zero in on that particular article, as it always seems to bring a smile to our faces!  Far too often, we’ve been guilty of most of their points.  But “Hey, it’s okay…”!

Here’s our “Hostess with the Mostess” version:

Hey, it’s okay……


  • ★ to do a quick de-clutter by throwing everything in a closet to tend to later.  Spring cleaning will come soon enough – heck, isn’t that what closets are for?!


  • ★ to try to pass off dessert bought at Whole Foods for something you “whipped up” yourself.  Everyone does it.  Even Sarah Jessica Parker.


  • ★ to use the opportunity to get rid of your massive stash of not-so-great homemade wine.  Sangria, anyone?


  • ★ if over the years, you have somehow adopted a mishmash of dishes and nothing matches anymore.  Who cares?  Embrace it!  One of the biggest fashion trends right now is mixing your patterns…so why not bring this inspiration to your table setting.  Your guests will be impressed with your nonchalant way of decorating.  Only you will be the wiser!

And there we have it kids!  Don’t stress the small stuff – it only creates wrinkles. Smile lines is what we’d rather have!