Before There Was Pinterest.

We’re not quite sure why this is, perhaps it stems from our visual arts background and love for anything tangible, but we would much rather use a pen on paper or read a real magazine than rely on modern technology.

And it is in this same light that we realized that WAY before Pinterest was created, we already had our own version – a very large accordion folder we called “Big Life Ideas”.   For years, we have been clipping out pictures or ideas that inspired us.  From cocktail recipes to new artists and fantastic places to travel, we put it all in this folder of dreams.

Going through that folder today, we thought it might be fun to share some of these ideas and images with you all:

1.  How To Bake Mini-Cakes:

2.  Swirling flavoured lollipops into a glass of champagne until they dissolve:

3.  There was just something about this photo that we loved!  The retro dress style, makeup and colours…gorgeous:

4.  Trust Elton John to showcase these uber creative ideas!  We loved the use of Warhol-inspired “soup” tins to serve custom cocktails in:

5.  Perhaps one of our favourites – instead of giving your wedding guests favours they will most likely leave on the table, why not make a difference to someone living with cancer:

Although we will always continue to tear out pictures and ideas, we admit that we’ve jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and kind of love it as well!

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