Brianna Errelat’s Wedding Day Makeup Advice

We are very excited to have Brianna Errelat, one of Vancouver’s top Hair & Makeup Artists, be our “guest” blogger today!  We’ve been lucky to have worked with Brianna on several occasions and are always impressed with her talent and lovely persona.

Brianna has kindly offered our brides some professional advice on wedding day “Makeup Do’s and Don’ts” – read on for some helpful pointers!












Your date is set and you’re doing everything to make it the most perfect day of your life.  Dress, flowers, location, food, seating plan, photographer…what are you forgetting?  MAKEUP!  This is often an after thought for most Brides.  Though it is very common for brides to decide that they are just going to do the same makeup that they do on a daily basis, this could be a mistake.  You’re investing so much time and money into your wedding, and yes, your future husband will be in awe of the whole package including your dress, but the first thing he looks at, and will be looking at the entire wedding, is your face and eyes.

Also, most brides don’t have the inside scoop on what looks good on camera and what doesn’t!  The photos taken on your wedding day are some of the most memorable of your whole life and you do not want to be looking back at those photo’s wondering “what was I thinking wearing blue glitter on my eyes?”  Just because you love a trend at the time doesn’t mean it should be there on your wedding day. Please ladies, hire a professional to do your makeup!  In the mean time here are some do’s and don’ts from a Pro…



  • ❤ Think about the season that you’re getting married in.  Summer brides, remember it will be warm, so you want to use long lasting makeup.  Don’t wear too much shimmer either, because you will have a natural sheen on your skin from the warm weather. Shimmer should be lightly applied on the cheeks and collar bones to highlight in a subtle way! That being said too much shine is bad, so have blotting papers or translucent powder on hand for shiny areas on the face.  If you’re getting married in the fall or winter months you can change the look from the usual ‘fresh summery’ makeup to either doing a more dramatic eye or lip that may not fit into a summer look. Winter brides, remember that your nose and cheeks can get red from the elements so use a green based primer or concealer so you don’t look like Mrs.Clause in your photos!


  • ❤ Look for a Makeup Artist and book a trial – try out a couple different artists to make sure you have the perfect fit for you.  Ask around, if you have friends that are married see if they have any recommendations.  Also, ask your wedding planner or your photographer, they will likely know of artists that they know and trust to help you with your decision.


  • ❤ Start looking at the makeup and hair styles in wedding magazines and tear out looks that you love so you can show you makeup and hair stylist.


  • ❤ Get eyelash extensions for the wedding day – don’t mess around with false lashes or mascara. Eyelash extensions can be natural or glam just like falsies and you don’t have to worry about them coming off or running down your face when you cry (which you will be doing a lot of that day!) If you have never had lash extensions before, try them out a month or two before the wedding to insure you don’t have a reaction. If you can’t wear lash extensions, opt for individual lashes and make sure the glue is water proof.  Strip lashes are not good for the wedding day – they can lift and become a problem.


  • ❤ Get facials and start treating your skin extra special – keep your skin hydrated and well exfoliated. Drink lots of water! Makeup can only do so much, beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. Drinking lots of water and doing regular exercise can clear your skin up and make it glow.  Recent studies have shown that exercise increases blood flow helps carry away waste products, including free radicals, from working cells which can clear up problematic skin.


  • ❤ Stick to looking like YOU on your BEST day – don’t try anything that’s too much out of your comfort zone.  If you normally go for a more natural look don’t opt for a smokey eye on the big day. You want your fiancé to recognize you when you walk down the aisle.


  • ❤ Get your eyebrows professionally groomed. If you have never had threading or waxing done, try this a few months before your wedding day just in case you have a reaction.


  • ❤ If you’re not having your Makeup Artist stay for touch ups during your big day, make sure you have your Maid Of Honor or someone who is around you carry your lippy touch ups, blotting papers or pressed translucent powder, MINTS, pocket sized kleenex and q-tips to wipe away smudging under the eyes, and if you can get a small tester of your wedding fragrance bring one so you can re-apply to ensure you smell amazing all day!




  • ❤ Get your brows waxed, threaded or tweezed on the wedding day.  Schedule this a couple days in advance.


  • ❤ Schedule a facial the day of your wedding.  A month before is best, just in case you react.


  • ❤ Wear too little makeup.  Remember that your photo is being taken and you need to AMP IT UP so your best features show up on camera!


  • ❤ Spray tan before the wedding or the day of the wedding.  I love spray tans and do them myself, but it can go very wrong and even though it might not look uneven in person, the camera can pick up on things the naked eye can’t, like blotchiness and uneven tanner.  If you want a natural glow to your skin, it won’t hurt to hit the tanning bed a couple of times to warm up your skin tone.  Just be sure to COVER your face in the bed and DON’T lie in the bed for 20 minutes if you have fair skin trying to get a glow!  Don’t risk a sunburn close to the wedding day!


  • ❤ Skip a trial.  This is a big mistake, it is very important to do test runs before the wedding day so there are no surprises.  You can then also time out exactly how long your hair and makeup will take so you can budget you time accordingly.


  • ❤ Wear too much bronzer or blush. A soft “glow” is perfect, but too much can make you look like you just finished taping an episode of Jersey Shore. Keep blush to a soft pink and remember that you will have a natural wedding day glow that they don’t sell at any makeup counter!


  • ❤ Forget a sweat towel / cloth! Whether you’re getting married in the summer or not, you will likely be nervous, which will increase perspiration under your arms, between legs etc. This depends on your fabric choice but anything like a silk or satin can show perspiration marks.  Trust me – I have seen brides that didn’t think of this and it was not a good result!


  • ❤ Wear bold eyes AND lips.  Then you have your eyes and lips competing for first place on your face.  Choose a stronger lip OR strong eyes, if you wear both at the same time it can make you look too harsh and like you’re back at the jersey shore ;)


  • ❤ Forget a lipstain or long wearing lipstick.  You don’t want to kiss your groom and have it transfer! There are many tricks to making your chosen color stay on, so trust in your Makeup Artist to help guide you through the best option for you.

Keeping all this in mind, remember that these are basic guidelines and each bride is unique.  Do what you feel looks best and what your husband loves as well.  Also keep in mind you background and nationality.  Western brides don’t tend to wear the same makeup and an Indian bride etc.  So work with your makeup artist and pick what you feel the most beautiful in!

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