If I Were Billy Crystal’s Co-Host.

Like many of you, we’ll be stockpiling our bottles of champagne and popcorn in anticipation of camping out in front of the TV on Sunday for the Oscars.

The award ceremony part is….well, alright I guess, but it’s the red carpet arrivals we love the most.  Which got me (Robyn) thinking:  If I were SO lucky (in my dreams!) to be walking down that flashbulbed frenzied carpet on Sunday, what the heck would I wear?

So I started day dreaming, perusing through the gowns on various 2012 fashion runways to make my choice.  But this, as I’m sure Charlize can sympathize with, turned out to be QUITE the difficult process.   How on earth is one supposed to choose just ONE drop-dead gown?

Therefore, the only choice I had was to change my dream.  I mean, what’s a girl to do?!

Dream Update:  I would not just be a hum-drum celeb meandering down the red runway this year.  Oh no.  I am going to be Billy Crystal’s Co-Host.  Meaning – I get to change gowns several times throughout the awards!  Really the best of both worlds, right?

Here are the dresses that I would like couriered to my mansion (*cough. condo) later today:

Elie Saab



Christian Dior



J. Mendel