A Secret Admirer.

It’s funny.  Although it’s been years (and years!) since we were roaming the hallways of our highschool, the idea of having a secret admirer still makes us smile.  We remember sitting in our classes on Valentine’s Day, pretending to read our text books, all the while hoping that a Candy Gram might be delivered to our desk.

Lucky for us, a more philanthropic approach to the Candy Gram can now be sent, thanks to the lovely folks at A Loving Spoonful!

For $10, your “Secret Crush” (or colleagues, family, and friends) will receive a Valentine’s card with your unique message written on it, 2 Purdy’s chocolates, a Yelpstick lip balm and a gift card and mints from Shamin Jewellers!

With all proceeds going to A Loving Spoonful, this is one candy gram you don’t have to be nervous to send! ;)

Information on A Loving Spoonful’s Candy Gram’s can be found HERE.