TEDxVancouver 2011 – A View From the Event Side

On November 12th, the Chan Center housed some of the most innovative, creative and inspirational individual’s in Vancouver.

We hope that your intellectual needs were satiated but what about your stomach?  TEDxVancouver believes that the experience of attending one of our events extends beyond the theatre.  With this in mind, we reached out to organizations that work hard to be a pioneer in what they provide to their clients.

We were ecstatic to have one of the top caterers in the city, The Butler Did It, on board this year.  Not only did they provide an amazing lunch but they listened to our desire to make the event as “garbage free” as possible – a challenge when dealing with such a large volume of guests.  They offered us a solution to use pressed palm leaf plates that are 100% compostable and TEDxVancouver made the largest order to date.  A video on their production and the story behind this amazing start-up can be seen Here.

A fully satisfied day isn’t complete without a little sugar rush, right?  The creators of the infamous “Deep Fried Butter”, seen yearly at the PNE, were on site to provide you with a little treat so sweet we’re pretty sure your dentist wouldn’t approve!  We lovingly referred to it as the “Frontier of Fried Foods”.   The Deep Fried Pop Tarts were a first for us as well and we hope you got a chance to enjoy one!

To even out the bad with the good, we turned to the streets for our next innovative company.  Everyone knows that with a major onslaught of sugar comes a spike of energy.  But sadly, what goes up must come down.  To counteract your desire to give your poor eyelids a rest at the end of this amazing day, we were excited to have The Juice Truck offer each guest a custom, organic “TEDxVancouver” energizer shooter as you exited the theatre.  No caffeine required.

We hope you enjoyed TEDxVancouver 2011 as much as we did planning it! We already can’t wait until next year!

Pictures below were provided by Jeremy Lim and Maurice Li.