“The Knot Theory” Bringing Sexy Back.

Brides and Grooms – we’re sure you are or have already faced this same fashion conundrum when planning your wedding: 

After spending months putting all the unique details of your big day into place, from floral designs that stand out to creative table décor, when it comes time to dress the bridal party, the style buck seems to stop there.  How are the handsome groom and his groomsmen supposed to hold their own at the alter when the only choice they had was to rent the same ties that have been worn by countless other men before them?

Enter:  The Knot Theory

Guys – you can breath a sigh of relief.  Vancouver’s own Knot Theory has heard your (and your brides) cry for fashion help and has created a new line of timeless and trendy ties, with interchangeable knots for unique looks.

Various Knots

Their ties are inspired by structural engineering – sleek and stylish.  With the addition of an elegant Link Closure Knot, the stress of tying your knot with shaky hands the day of your wedding is eliminated.  Similar to the early 19th century detachable cuffs and chained cufflinks, the knot is secured with a stainless steel chain link and is a work of art in itself. 

With several colour options to choose from, including the newly introduced shades of fuschia, royal blue, and tiffany blue, they will easily match any weddings colour palette – and style.

They're not just for men!

And ladies – the best part?  These tied aren’t JUST for the dapper men in your life!  Feel free to steal your man’s tie anytime because trust us, they will look just as sexy on you!

As a little treat for our readers, the Knot Theory has kindly provided $40 off on first purchase with coupon code KAIEVENTS, offer ends June 21st, 2011

Visit the Knot Theory HERE.

New Colours!Box of 8 Knots