“Online Revelation” – Why You Should Jump on the Social Media Bandwagon

Some time ago, we hosted an event at the Revel Room in Gastown where guests were treated to a fantastic presentation by Screen World Media.  The idea behind creating this event was to walk through simple steps that any business owner can employee to easily increase their company’s online presence. 

At Kai, we have seen first hand the benefits of delving into this somewhat confusing and foreign world of social media resources.  We admit that up until fairly recently, we relied almost solely on word-of-mouth recommendations and printed marketing materials, and though these tactics helped, it wasn’t until we began utilizing the world of social media that we began to see real results with increased clients and business visibility.

There are very simple ways for any business, new or already established, to integrate some online marketing tools and Screen World Media knocked the ball out of the park with their easy-to-understand presentation.  We are confident that the guests of this event walked away with some useful tools that will no doubt assist in increasing the success of their company.

To access Screen World Media’s presentation, please click here.