Something Borrowed….

"Something Borrowed"

My Aunt J has always had the best beauty advice.   She recently turned 50 and doesn’t look a day over 35.  What are her secrets?

Vintage & Romantic = Love

I’ll share this one with you.  Admittedly, I’ve heard it a million times but never gave it much attention in my teens and twenties.  Now when she speaks I turn up my Spock Ears.  Ready? 

She cuts herself off from water and liquids  two hours before bed.  The rationale behind this rather mad concept is that your body retains that water and tucks it all into that sack under your eyes.  Scientific research to back this up I have none.  The proof is in the pudding or lack of under my aunts eyes.  Since she’s tested this theory for years now, I say thanks Joanna for that sage piece of beauty advice.

I hope you all are fortunate too to have loving family dispense their time tested theories & remedies for helping you hurdle over the first heartbreak, the first pimple, the response from your first university choice that came in a thin envelope, and etcetera etcetera.  Advice on how to make it over the two year hump and onwards to celebrating their 72nd anniversary (like my grandparents did). 

Le Chapeau Epingle - Auguste Renoir

We’ve been borrowing from their strength and wisdom since birth.  And what perfect opportunity than on your wedding day to thank your own “Aunt J” (mom, any/all your life coaches) for helping you pick out that perky bra to perfect your posture that poised you within range of your prince charming.  Or just adding to the ingredients that shaped you into the lovely person he fell in love with.  And for the guys, we can adapt this last bit to help it apply to you too.

Why not place a private note or personal token on their table setting to acknowledge that their wisdom & advice through the years is your something borrowed.  Make sure those around her are packing kleenex since this form of unexpected gesture of gratitude can evoke tearful eruptions of joy.

It’s a “something borrowed” that lasts a lifetime.