Love Love Love, I Want Your Love

Lady Gaga - Shot by David LaChapelle

We were recently asked to participate in a Showcase for Lonsdale Event Rentals – a fun and unique opportunity for local vendors to present their services to couples planning to wed in the next year. 

Table Display

Never one to do things on the straight and narrow, we decided to put together a table using a cover of the Rolling Stone as inspiration – Lady Gaga in her infamous “bubble” outfit, to be exact.  Our reason for picking such a far out fashion icon was to show brides that it doesn’t matter where they get their inspiration from, whether it be a sport, a seasonal holiday, or even a somewhat crazed celeb, there are always ways to pick out key pieces and incorporate them into your event to make it more unique.

Candy filled Martini Glasses

The colour palette of the magazine cover was a girly shade of pink, white, and tones of gold.  Using a gorgeous table cover of organza, we added white plates with gold borders, glass pillar vases covered in black fishnet stockings, and large round floral arrangements of white carnations.  To create the bubble effect, we glued together numerous table tennis balls and laid them haphazardly around the arrangements.  Martini glasses filled with pink candies and cotton candy displayed the glittering guest name tags while a large glass candelabra stood tall in the center of the table.

Full Table Display

Don’t be afraid to use your imagination!  If you happen to have “Bieber fever” and want your groom to walk down the aisle with a side swept hairstyle, do it!  You’ll be chuckling at your wedding pictures for years to come!