The Icing on the (Wedding) Cake!

"The Wedding Planner"

During the time leading up to your wedding, you have likely put in too many hours to count in your hunt for the perfect venue, florist, and photographer.  So many, in fact, that it seems you have a new full time job.  Much to the chagrin of your ACTUAL full time job!

"Father of the Bride"

What’s next on the “wedding to-do” list, you ask?  Hiring a “Day Of” Coordinator, that’s what!  This is often an overlooked item, most frequently a job that is passed on to a friend or family member.  Though we understand that a wedding budget is often very tight, there are some big advantages to hiring an experienced coordinator on your big day.

It is nice to have a neutral planner on your side, a person who will ensure that every last detail is managed efficiently and exactly the way that you had envisioned.  After the hours you spent putting together your dream wedding, a coordinator will guarantee that the end result is pulled off seamlessly.

"Bride Wars"

Most coordinators will put together a detailed Wedding Day Timeline, be available to put out any fires via phone or email in the weeks leading up to your big day, and assist in coordinating your rehearsal.  And if you should still have a couple of questions regarding which vendors to hire, they will most likely have a “little black book” of trusted vendors handy to help you make your final decision.

Don’t leave your big day up to chance.  A “Day Of” coordinator is like a director of a play – ensuring that every scene is well-rehearsed and acted to perfection.