How to Pick a Wedding Photographer if Annie Leibovitz Is Not Available

Annie Leibovitz Wedding Photo

The time leading up to a couple’s wedding can often be a blur, booking the venue, picking the table centers, and ordering the tuxes.  But on that day, the day when the couple announces to the world that they will stand by each other for the rest of their life, it is the job of the photographer to capture those moments. 

Many couples chose to spend a large portion of their wedding budget on a professional photographer who will immortalize their day into images that are, essentially, works of art.  Once the wedding is over, the excitement builds for the couple as they look forward to reliving their big day through these photographs.

We recently heard some upsetting news from a previous bride regarding her photographer and thus spurred the idea for this blog post, as we hope to help other couples make the right choice when booking a photographer before they sign on the dotted line.

  • Referrals from friends or family are always a great way to find the perfect photographer.  But don’t rely solely on their word or even their own pictures as proof.  Ask questions.  Do research.  How did the photographer behave during the big day?  Did they remain courteous and professional throughout the day?  Were they open to suggestions?  Were they enthusiastic and add to the excitement of the day?  If red flags arose with the answer to any of these questions, you may want to continue your search.

  • Look through their gallery of previous wedding and engagement shoots.  Every photographer has a different style so make sure that it fits in well with your own vision of how you want your pictures to look.  If your colours and style tend to lean towards soft and romantic, pay special attention to the lighting used by the photographer. 

  • Perhaps the most important of these points: NEVER forget to pass on a list of specific shots and people who you would like to see photographed.  Is it important that you get a few good pictures of your father, walking you down the aisle?  Would you like to frame an amazing portrait of your mother, fastening your pearl necklace?  Is there a special location that you would like to be photographed at?  These are moments that will never happen again and if they are important to you, then they must be communicated to the photographer. And if you have a wedding planner, make sure they have this list as well.

 Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life.  Make sure that everyone involved is on side to ensure that it is also the most magical and joyous one.