Channelling Kim Kardashian, No Butt Implants Needed!

Kim Kardashian

The mermaid silhouette – sleek, graceful and sexy!  It can be THE knock out gown to showcase those sexy curves.  None more spectacular than that apple bottom! That’s right, and with a little attention added daily you can get it to perky perfection for that special day, night and beyond! Here’s some tips to multitask the “must do’s” with the “I don’t wanna do’s”.

Let’s start with an easy one, during those two plus minutes of brushing your teeth, try pleas – that’s swinging your leg forward then lift back and hold it for a count.  Do 20 repetitions and switch to the other leg.  Instant maximus gratification!

Another strategy can be sitcom squats. Move that coffee table, knock out 20 squats and if you’re warmed up and ready for more, add some crunches and lunges to make the most of your “must see” TV!  What better way to repent from the guilty pleasures of reality television.  However, if yours is Jersey Shore, you need to drop and give yourself 20 STAT! Be sure to stretch somewhere before and/or after.

Plus now you’ve just earned yourself bragging rights at the water cooler that you workout two to three times a week.  

Of course please consult your personal trainer or a fitness mag for some proper techniques.  Tis is just a gentle reminder that in case the visits to the gym falls to the wayside, you can still incorporate some simple toning regiment to your wedding day prep.  Heck – even Victoria’s Secret angels must do lunges to earn their wings. Ciao!