Tips of the Trade from the Wedding Trenches

Having helped many a bride through the sometimes complicated and messy terrain of an upcoming wedding, we have learned a few things along the way that might help make your travels to wedded bliss a little less stressful:

  • When looking to book a venue for a potential guest list of 200, do not book a venue that will only hold 150, in the hopes that a quarter of your guest list won’t be able to make it!  Trust us.  This HAS been done before and will most certainly cause a minor riot when some guests will be forced to enjoy the speeches from the privacy of their own table in the kitchen.
  • Prior to the big day, do a walk through of the locations you wish to have your wedding pictures taken.  Although most photographers are already aware of popular or creative venues for perfect backdrops, you may come across a surprise one that you love and don’t want to miss.
  • To add to the point above, ensure you have a detailed list of family and friend group shots you would like your photographer to capture.  As soon as the ceremony is over and there is a bar in sight, you may start to lose these important people to the lure of a martini.  Give the list to the photographer prior to your wedding and enlist the help of the Wedding Planner or a friend to keep the herd in check.
  • And finally, for the bride, the idea of playing the part of a Vogue cover model for the day can be alluring.  However, try to resist the idea of using your wedding day as the time to try out drastically different makeup routines and hairstyles.  After all, the look you’re going for from your groom as you walk down the aisle should be one of happiness.  Not “who the heck is this woman in white walking towards me?”  Remember: your fiancé fell in love with you, complete with all of your unique characteristics.  For better or for worse.