Timeless Trends For Your Modern Wedding

If there were a group for Magazine Addicts, our loved ones would likely arrange an intervention and force our weekly attendance.  A sad day for us occurs when we realize that we have read every edition of every magazine and we have to resort to reading…a book!  With no pictures!  The horror!

But as much as we love being in tune with popular trends, we try to limit the number we incorporate into the design of weddings.  Grooms sporting Justin Bieber’s perfectly windblown hairstyle and brides toddling down the aisle in Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo shoes will no doubt look fantastic now (and ensure gasps of awe), but will automatically date your wedding; something that, 20 years from now, you may not appreciate.

Instead, we try to pick out the more timeless trends and subtly integrate them into your wedding, thus ensuring that all of the details of your big day are unique yet will withstand the test of time.  After all, wouldn’t you rather your future grandchildren beg to borrow your gorgeous “vintage” bridal gown rather than using it for Halloween?  We thought so.