Deep Fried Butter? I'd rather have a French Toast Donut, thank you very much!

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Yes, the “cupcake tier” looks cute at weddings.  And we DO love the idea of incorporating “French-inspired” elements such as candy coloured macaroons into a dessert menu.  But for those couples who, like us, are on the (sometimes tiring!) hunt for the original, never-been-done-before ideas for their weddings, we bring to you….”THE DESIGNER DONUT”!

That’s right, folks!  Last week we introduced kooky cupcake flavours and this week, we are delving into the newest event food fad to hit Chicago.  And hopefully soon, Vancouver!

 Who doesn’t love donuts?  They’re fried.  Enough said.  Let’s not forget the “fried butter” phenomenon that hit taste testers at the PNE this past summer!

So why not incorporate these nostalgia-inducing little fried critters into your wedding?  With flavours such as S’more’s, French Toast, Crème fraiche stuffed donuts with strawberry rhubarb jam, and butterscotch with bacon, you can bet your guests will be talking about your wedding for months to come!

Take a peek at a couple of bakeries below, to check out various designer donut flavours.  We’ll give you fair warning, though – do NOT visit these sites on an empty stomach!  They’ll have you making a run for the nearest Krispy Kreme!!/pages/Enochs-Donuts/229511594616?v=wall