Vanilla Cupcakes. YAWN.

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Okay okay, so we have to admit, although the idea of incorporating a large cupcake tier into a wedding is becoming a little “stale”, we still believe they have huge potential for smaller events – Bridal Showers, St. Patrick’s Day Party’s, a pity party and the like.  But for those that know as well, we NEVER do boring!  God forbid a tray of white cupcakes EVER passes the door of our oven, only to be iced by…gasp…plain white buttercream frosting.  And no decorations?  Forget it. 

For those that feel the same, we have scoured the web to find a few unique recipes that will either A) send your personal trainer into a tizzy, as your breakfast, lunch, and dinner will now consist solely of cupcakes or (B) will be a true testament to the strength of your gag reflex.