Hey! It's Okay to….

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Are you like us and instantly flip to the last pages of Glamour to read the “Hey, it’s okay to” article every month?  There’s just something about getting written confirmation that eating winegums for breakfast or screening calls and staying in on a Saturday night to watch reruns of The Hills is, well, kind of normal!

In the classic Glamour fashion, we have created our own list for you brides-to-be:

Hey! It’s Okay to….

  1. Wear your favourite running shoes under your gown!  Suffering for fashion isn’t much fun when you’re tearing up the dancefloor!

  2. Throw in some cheesy Mariah Carey songs to your playlist!  It’s your night and you’re going to dance to whatever songs you want, damn it!

  3. Invest in a full body Spanx outfit rather than a gym membership!  Miss out on cake tasting and indulging at your many showers and stagettes?  Forget it!  Sorry, Tommy Europe, there will be NO grueling trips to “Tommy’s Playground” for us!

  4. Ask your dog to be your ring bearer!  After all, he has seen you through thick and thin…and has a lot of practice “going for walks”!

  5. Watch “America’s Next Top Model” for tips on posing for your wedding photographs!  Thanks Tyra!

  6. Replace newspapers with wedding magazines!  Last time you checked, there wasn’t a daily column on bridal gown trends in your local paper!

  7. Watch “Say Yes to the Dress” and silently believe that you would look SO much better in all of them.

  8. Refuse to put away your wedding dress when it’s all over.  Who said white doesn’t go with yellow cleaning gloves?

  9. Throw away the rule books and create your own traditions!  Wear a short pink dress, walk yourself down the aisle, or cut a piece of Grandma’s homemade pie instead of a wedding cake!  You and your groom are unique, so why wouldn’t your wedding be?

  10. Throw yourself a pity party the morning after your wedding.  Open all your gifts, eat left over cake, and shed a tear over your photographs while sipping flat champagne from the night before.  But only for a day.  You’ve got the rest of your life together to look forward to!