We Covet Coral. There. We Said It.

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As requested, a blog focused solely around “coral”.  You know who you are – this one’s for you!

Even a year ago, if asked to don a coral bridesmaid dress, we would have feigned disapproval and most likely would have mocked the bride for her outdated choice of colour.  And yes, this fake display of horror might have gotten us fired from the bridal party.  But for the sake of maintaining our up-to-date fashionista persona, it was a necessity.  God forbid we admit that secretly, we covet coral.  Always have, always will.  There is no better colour that elicits the spirit of just having whisked away to a tropical local than coral.  Or turquoise.  And put the two together?  Don’t even get us started.  The “marriage” of these two colors is just another reason why summer is our favourite season of the year.

To celebrate our coming out, we have put together a little coral coloured montage for your perusal. 

And a little note to our bride-friends of past:  We apologize that we compared your choice of coral bridesmaid dress to a bad ‘80’s prom dress.  And that we acted out a scene that had us pretending to gag, while making a run for the nearest washroom. 

No wonder we were demoted to the end of the bridal party line-up.

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