Why Buy Spam When You Can Get "Haggis in a Can"

haggis in a can

While touring the land of kilts, haggis, and swoon-worthy Gerard Butler lookalikes, our Event Consultant, Amanda, found time during her travels in Scotland to make us all jealous by filling us in on her take on Edinburgh and the surrounding areas:

“Edinburgh, a historical city with a story. I never would have expected such a concentration of life and culture. I can honestly say that Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful, magical places I have ever been. And I haven’t even begun to highlight how alive this city becomes at night! I must admit – I’m not in much of a rush to get home.
After some time in the capital, we began to make our journey upwards to explore all that we have heard about the North. A couple of days in a rental car, travelling around the Scottish Highlands has reinforced what so many people have been telling me about the beauty of the North. The scenery is unlike anything else and the Highland cows are the cuttest things in the world! 
One of the most amazing places we visited was a castle on the water that one can rent out for private weddings!  Scotland destination wedding, anyone?   This castle is outside a little town called Inverness in the North of Scotland and has 16 unique bedrooms, all with a view of the loch. 

For those of you who want to do something truly different on your special day, information on this gorgeous castle can be found at:http://www.bunchrew-inverness.co.uk/ 


All in all, an amazing experience that I didn’t want to end.  Although it seems my wish may come true with the volcano in Iceland erupting – all flights are cancelled until further notice.  Oh well!   Guess it looks like I am off to the coast for the day!”

Stay tuned for next weeks blog, straight from the beaches of Hawaii! 

Phew, we must say, doing research on destination weddings is REALLY hard work. ;)   Mai Tai, anyone?