Kodak Moments – the Good and the VERY Bad!

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For the past 17 days, we’ve forgotten that the colours in the rainbow go beyond white and red, the space beside Ceili’s is simply a parking lot, and the line-ups for Japadog don’t usually run for blocks on end.  While the rest of our closet might be happy to come out of hibernation, we have to admit, we will be sad to see the departure lounge at YVR full of our international guests finding their way home. 

While visiting the various houses and pavilions, we were inspired by the different cultures and customs that we learnt about and thought we might do some research on some quirky wedding customs that one could incorporate into their own big day.  Although we always appreciate a good Greek plate smashing, we’re not sure a few others would make the Kodak-moment cut in our own wedding album!

In Scotland, the pre-wedding tradition of “Blackening the Bride” goes way beyond our own traditions of dressing the bride in tacky t-shirts and necklaces bought in a dollar store.  The bride is covered in foul substances (such as eggs, various sauces, feathers etc.) and paraded around the pubs in town.  Note to our friends: they will automatically be deleted from our Facebook Friends list should they EVER do this to us!

At Swedish wedding receptions, if the bride goes to the restroom, all of the other women guests must line up to kiss the groom.  And vice versa for the groom.  If you choose to include this particular tradition into your wedding, you may wish to avoid any guests of the “ex” variety.  Just saying…!

And finally, our particular favourite:  In South India, it is customary for the groom’s side of the family to complain about the food that is traditionally provided by the bride’s family, even if it IS prepared by Mr. Rob Feenie himself! 

However, should you decide to purchase frozen Pigs in a Blanket as an hors’ doeuvre, you may get complaints irrespective of the traditions of your two families.  Sorry!  We’re sure Martha Stewart would agree.