A Very Merry Unbirthday to You!

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Okay, so your REAL birthday only falls once a year and in the past, you’ve waited diligently until then to indulge in ice cream cake and tear open presents.  But good news!  Your “Unbirthday” actually falls 364 days a year!  Now you can justify making an almost daily pit stop to the nearest cupcake store and registering for “unbirthday” presents at the Pottery Barn!  Okay fine, so unless you have REALLY nice friends, you may not get away with that last suggestion but you might as well try, right?!

Looking to the newly remade Alice in Wonderland for inspiration, we envision a lot of bright colours, various yummy treats, and of course, tea!  Make like the Mad Hatter and send the lucky guests playing card invitations, serve them inside-out food (little tea sandwiches with the bread on the inside works!), and make tea martinis!  To set the scene, scour the local flea markets or estate sales for mismatched teapots, cups, plates, and silverware and place them on a long table covered in garden flowers in various sized vases. 

Once you have blown out the candles on your unbirthday cake, meander over to the garden for an animated game of croquet! 

We can hardly wait until we get to plan our NEXT unbirthday party!  Which incidentally, comes around again…tomorrow!  Lucky us!  Now, what flavour of cake shall we order this time…hmmm…