A "Lovely Day for a Guinness"… Milkshake?

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No doubt the local bars are already shopping for bulk food colouring to add to the rather ghoulish looking green beer that is traditionally served on Saint Patricks day.  Personally, we’ll be passing up the opportunity to create a reason to invest in Crest Whitestrips and be ordering a frothy pint of Irish Guinness instead.  Problem is, we’re really not huge beer fans.  Having surpased the years of keg parties in university, we’ve lost our taste for beer. 

If you tend to favour a glass of pinot noir over a Molson, we’ve got a recipe for you that MIGHT help you meet the somewhat mandatory March 17th beer quota, even if it does mean an extra hour on the treadmill the next day!

Courtesy of a highly celeb populated bar in Hollywood, the “Guinness Milkshake” combines 1 cup of vanilla ice cream, 4 oz of Guinness Stout, and 2 oz of chocolate syrup.  Blend it together and serve in a chilled glass. 

Now sit back and enjoy it while watching a movie starring Colin Farrell.  Milkshakes and Colin Farrell?  Beats a set of green teeth any day!