Where's our suitcase? Forward all our mail to the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel!

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It’s official!  We’re moving in!

A couple of weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to be part of the hard hat tour of the new Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver and let us tell you, our bags are already packed!  As event planners, we are especially appreciative of the little details so when perusing through the rooms at the Pacific Rim, our radar was off the map!  The smaller details in this hotel are truly amazing.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?  We began our tour in the lobby where we were met with the scent of jasmine. (Clever!  Suddenly we didn’t feel like we were at a construction site!)  We were then introduced to Oru, their incredible “non fusion Asian” restaurant.  Apparently, fusion Asian doesn’t really mean anything because all Asian food combines different flares.  Sooo… the correct term is actually “pan Asian”.  Who knew!   The menu sounds fantastic and the prices reasonable.  If you happen to be wondering our whereabouts on a Friday, you’ll now find us at the Saki bar in the lobby, followed by Oru.  One of the perks of being an event planner – our office can be anywhere we want! 

We then headed upstairs to their spa.  One word can sum up this experience: amazing!  The space itself is quite large and the best part is that they can cater to any bridal party needs.  Perfect.

Their function rooms are great and during the tour, we were all passed baileys and coffee, accompanied by little samples of lemon curd.  Hard to explain, but it didn’t taste anything like it sounds.  It was the best curd we have ever had!  Not that we’re “curd” connoisseurs or anything!  They even put a little piece of gold leaf on it. We can’t help but feel guilty about eating gold…..

All in all, a very enjoyable experience.   It was too bad the pool side wasn’t ready yet because we were particularly interested in checking out those cabanas!  The only sad news of the day  – you can’t rent the pool side cabanas out for private parties!!! Cross that one off the list for Kai’s launch party! :(