The food, the decor, and…wait, what's that smell?

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When younger, we were lucky to have tagged along with our parents on numerous trips to Greece.  The donkeys, hanging squid, and baklava are obvious images that spring to mind when we think back to those carefree days.  However, it is the mere whiff of leather that instantly transports us back to the dusty paths and white-washed buildings of the Greek Islands. 

Scents and the memories they evoke are powerful.  There’s a reason why aromatherapy products are so popular these days.  So what does this have to do with events?  When planning a party, we tend to focus on the visual and gastronomical elements.  The food, the décor, all these things are important.  But what if the guests were also treated to the faint whiff of coconut while attending a summer pool party?  Or a scent that was customized to match the personalities of the bride and groom at the wedding you were invited to?  You would walk away with not only the sugar almond wedding favours and tired feet from dancing, but also an association to a scent that you will never forget.

Introducing a specific scent into your event will bring together the whole mood and effect that you want your guests to enjoy.  And it can be as simple as lighting a few vanilla candles and placing them sporadically throughout the room.  Or, if you are looking for something a little more imaginative, create your own customized scent!   Companies such as Scent Events can help you out –

They even have a “smelly cheese” option.  No joke.  We think we might steer clear of that one.