Loosen that tie and take off those killer stiletto's.

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While many people are dreaming of spending half of February camped out in the Molson House, watching medal-worthy hockey games, we’re already WAY beyond that.  Visions of sunny beaches and margaritas have been dancing in our heads since the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve.  And yes.  We DO realize it’s only January!  A girl can dream though, right?!

Nothing makes us happier than planning a fun night outside with our friends, burning oodles of calories playing strenuous games of bocce (Ha.  We wish!) and pretending to lunge for volleyballs when they come careening our way.  So, while sitting in our office, swaddled in piles of blankets while drinking hot tea, we started planning our spring and summer calendar of events.  As a company, we are already knee-deep planning bbq’s and golf tournaments but we also share a love of entertaining friends at home, especially in the hotter months.  But sadly, if your condo is anything like ours, an acre of luscious lawn is not included in your strata fees. 

So when the temperature finally moves up to t-shirt appropriate digits, why not take advantage of what little outdoor space you DO have.  Throw open those sliding glass doors and invite friends over on a random weekday for a little “après-work” party!  Who needs a stuffy bar when YOU have “beer cocktails”!  That’s right, we said it!  Did you really expect the usual beer and nuts kind of shindig from us?! 

Our favourite recipe (okay, we admit, it was the cute name that initially caught our eye!) is the “Skip and Go Naked” cocktail:

Combine beer, lemon juice and gin, with a dash of grenadine

Now throw up some classic white paper lanterns, dig out that old Sublime cd, and relax with your friends.

Sigh.  We can almost smell the Coppertone.