"I love you. I'll be seeing you." – Noah

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Whatever happened to secret admirers, candy grams, and those boxed superhero Valentine’s Day cards you find at local drugstores?  As we get older, the innocence and excitement of Valentine’s Day often gets replaced with the pressure to have someone to watch The Notebook with.  We miss the simple days of getting up in the morning, eating chocolate for breakfast and counting the cards in the shoebox that sat on your desk at school all day!  The true test of one’s popularity index could only be correctly measured on this day.

So we started thinking – every year, starting in November, we spend hours looking for the perfect Christmas cards…then even more time writing out personal notes to all of our friends.  And every year, without fail, we forget to actually SEND them!  Why the simple task of walking to the post office and depositing the cards is too much to handle, we’ll never quite figure out.

But this year, we have an idea to rectify this conundrum: we’re bringing back the cheesy goodness of Valentine’s Day!  If you’re looking for a cute idea, march to the nearest drugstore, pick up a boxed set of Valentine’s Day cards, and send them to all of your friends.  Cheap, cute…and the best part?  No lineups at the post office.

Does anyone have Jake Gyllenhaal’s home address?