'Tis the Season to Give

Well, it’s that time of year again!  The mailmen are exhausted from lugging around larger than usual sacks of holiday cards, tinsel litters the floor of countless homes and offices, and children are on a constant sugar-high from too many cookies and candy canes.

As we get older, we realize what makes this season magical is not the massive stack of presents under the tree or the additional 5 lbs that somehow disguises itself as a lovely “muffin top” (oops, sorry.  There is NOTHING magical about THAT!), it is the overwhelming desire to reach out and give a little extra help to those in need of some magic in their own life. 

Recently, the ever-comedic Ben Stiller sent this video out to Lance Armstrong, kicking off his “Stillerstrong” campaign by selling headbands instead of the now very familiar Livestrong wristbands:

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Stillerstrong Campaign





All laughing aside, if you are looking for a charitable organization that is closer to home, check out Truckstop Dining Society.  Started a few years ago, this organization provides easily-accessible meals via a film industry food service truck to hundreds of residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside year-round.  For more information about Truckstop Dining, please visit their Facebook group at: