The "New" Breakfast of Champions!

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Starting on December 1st, if you’re anything like us, your breakfast, lunch and dinner suddenly consists of chocolate, candy, and cookies.  Eating an apple as a snack?  Forget it!  But we figure that if there’s ever a time that one can properly justify the sudden rise in blood sugar is the holiday season.  Our personal motto is: “There are no calories in anything that has sprinkles, icing, or is coloured red or green”.  We’re sure we read that in a health magazine somewhere….

One woman who probably has a similar motto is Dylan Lauren.  The daughter of Ralph, she passed up a career in fashion and chose one that would tempt even the models on her father’s catwalk.  Dylan’s dream of combining her love of candy with a passion for art lead to the opening of “Dylan’s Candy Bar” in 2001.  Highly successful, her stores have become a Mecca for sugar fiends all over the States. 

And lucky for us Vancouverites, although we may not have a store in our city (yet!), we can now get our hands on some of Dylan’s treats in Holt Renfrew.  Perfect as stocking stuffers or as a substitute for an egg-white omelette, we think we may have to submit ourselves to the Christmas havoc in the mall and make a trip there ourselves. 

To find a cure for your sugar deprivation, more information on Holt Renfrew’s stock of Dylan’s Candy Bar can be found at:

And P.S. – You may wish to make that trip to Holt Renfrew sooner than later as one of our partner’s, Amanda Patterson, is currently in Thailand and will be blogging about her favourite beaches, restaurants, and anything else that conjures up the green-eyed monster.  We will need a LOT of chocolate to help us deal with our jealousy.