The Life of Kai (well, some of us, anyways!)

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Warning to readers:  Before perusing this blog post, please ensure that you lock all credit cards safely out of harms way.  You may find yourself making a sudden visit to the Expedia website to purchase one-way tickets to Thailand.  

Actually, scratch that.  Where’s my wallet? 

As mentioned in last weeks post, one of our lovely partners, Amanda, is spending the holidays with her family in Thailand.  For the next couple of weeks, she will be blogging about her travels to the beach and back.  Just two days from Christmas, here is the first of a few jealousy-inducing posts:

So here I am back in the land of smiles for the holidays. For some people, Christmas is not Christmas without snow, a fireplace and eggnog. For others, the only Christmas they know includes a fake tree, incredibly tacky Christmas displays at the local malls and a Santa with an accent.   Even though the Thai’s may not be the greatest at window displays, Christmas at the beach has always been what I believe to be the only way to spend the holidays! 

Last night my sister flew in and joined me at home in Bangkok. We headed out to our favourite place in the city, Kao Sarn road. This road is unlike any other road one would experience. For those of you that have never been, Kao Sarn road (pronounced cow san) is every backpacker’s dream. It is one long strip of hostels, restaurants and shops, some of which you may recognize from scenes from The Beach.  At night, the road fills up with pop-up bars, plastic stools are brought out and suddenly, you are witnessing a full-scale dance party, no cover required!  Talk about an opportunity for some event planning!

In the 20 years that my family has been here, I am pleased to say that Kao Sarn road is one of the few places in the city that has hardly changed. And for that, I am grateful!

Off to the beach on the 26th. Can’t wait, will keep you posted!