The Sound of Music

There is no question that music plays a significant role in everyone’s life, whether you realize it or not.  For some, music inspires us to run faster.  For others, it serves as the perfect compliment to a romantic candlelit dinner.   All it takes is one song to bring us back to high school dances (a little “More Than Words” by Extreme, anyone?!) or a painful break-up.  It might be the words in the song or simply the melody but like a piece of art, a person’s choice of music is individual and very personal. 

When planning an event, your choice of music should always be an important consideration.  It works hand-in-hand with other key components of your party such as food and décor to ultimately create a memorable experience for your guests.   

We were recently involved with Vancouver’s TEDxVancouver event where the sole purpose was to inspire guests.  The final performance of the day was a duet between a beat boxer and cellist and what transpired was nothing short of amazing.  Check out their amazing performance at: