A little sample…

We chewed on possible theme ideas for future blog posts for quite awhile until it occurred to us – “Firsts” are happening all around.  Weddings, babies, new jobs and, for Kai, actually SEEING a blog for the first time, not to mention actually writing one!

But to delve right in and skim the top of each of these “Firsts” would not be advantageous to anyone.  These are big moments in a person’s life and deserve a more focused and in depth look into ways to make them unforgettable. 

So for now, in typical Spanish style, we will provide a little “tapas” inspired teaser and let you in on a couple of little secrets that might help you plan your big day.


Bored of the usual crock pots and “seen everywhere” casual dishes?  Check out Kate Spade’s new line of home decor for your registration list:


New Baby

There are trends on the catwalk, landscape design and, yes, apparently, in nursery rooms too!  Who knew.  If you’re wanting to go beyond wall murals and wicker, check out this article by Celebrity Designer Kenneth Brown: