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At Kai, we are immediately drawn to vibrant colours, positive energy, and a myriad of textiles and textures.  Our own inspirations, when thinking of ideas for events, are usually drawn from such things as the landscape of a French countryside, a song we may have heard that morning, and a Vogue editorial on the re-emergence of ’80′s style and (gasp!) shoulder pads.

Somehow, whatever inspires us is ultimately merged to create an end product – be it home renovating, our choice of accessories, the countries we have stamped on our passports, or even our friends and family.  Each person is inspired by different things and that is what makes us each unique.

What inspires us may not be your fancy but this is where we get to be creative, go outside our comfort zone and find new ideas that just might end up becoming part of the melding pot of what makes you…well…”You”!

So in the spirit of new experiences, new ideas, and the celebration of gaining new awareness of what is going on around us – Salute!  Welcome to Kai Event Management’s Inspirational Blog!

In future posts, we plan on focusing on a particular theme for the week.  Stay tuned for our first one – it’s coming soon!